Past Webinars

Past recorded webinars are posted here as part of the AELRC’s resource library to provide LCTL educators and underserved programs with engaging assessment and program evaluation information.

AELRC/CAL Webinar: Rubrics in World Language Classrooms

Presented by Leslie Fink and Rachel Myers

AELRC/CAL Webinar: Oral Proficiency Assessment

Presented by Francesca Di Silvio, Jamie Morgan, and Jenna Bushton

AELRC/CAL Webinar: World Language Assessment – Adapting to a Virtual Environment

Presented by Dr. Meg Malone & Dr. Meg Montee

As language classrooms transition to virtual environments, educators need practical and effective assessment tools to understand students’ language development. This presentation discussed formative assessment practices that align with online instruction and that provide useful information for teachers and students. The webinar focused on making language assessment both meaningful and practical. The presentation is followed by responses to questions submitted in advance.