Assessment and evaluation

are key elements in a comprehensive approach to education that is accountable to the needs of learners, the values of scholarly disciplines, and the well-being of society. Assessment and evaluation also provide essential mechanisms for understanding, improving, and demonstrating the worth of foreign language education. AELRC aims to provide leadership, scholarship, and outreach in the practices of FL assessment and program evaluation to foreign language teachers, program administrators, and researchers in diverse educational settings. 

Mission and Goals

The AELRC’s primary mission is to facilitate useful assessment and evaluation practices that help foreign language educators innovate and improve their programs, ensure accountability to students and society, and articulate the value of foreign language studies in the world today. In carrying out this mission, the AELRC focuses on three interrelated aspects of foreign language education in the United States: underrepresented languages, populations, and institutions; student learning outcomes assessment; and the Seal of Biliteracy. 

AELRC is a Title VI Language Resource Center directed collaboratively by researchers at Georgetown University, the Center for Applied Linguistics, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages


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