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Meg Montee

Dr. Meg Montee

Director, AELRC

Meg Montee serves as the Director of the AELRC and is also an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Linguistics. Dr. Montee specializes in performance-based language assessment, and is committed to working with world educators to create and implement useful and practical assessment tools. Her research interests include oral proficiency assessment, rater training and scoring, and language assessment literacy. Dr. Montee received a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from Georgia State University and a Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Second Language from Georgetown University.

Current Staff

Francesca Di Silvio

Francesca Di Silvio

Associate Director, AELRC
Director of World Languages, Center for Applied Linguistics

Francesca has worked with the AELRC since 2019 and with Language Resource Centers from 2009-2014. She holds an M.A. in Linguistics from Georgetown University and also studied with the Faculty of Language and Linguistics as an undergrad. As Director of World Languages at the Center for Applied Linguistics, Francesca leads projects to develop language proficiency assessments for English and world language learners, manages research on world language instruction, and delivers professional development to language educators.

Meg Malone

Meg Malone

Senior Advisor, AELRC
Director of Assessment, Research, and Development, ACTFL

Dr. Malone served as the previous director of the AELRC. She is also a Research Professor at Georgetown and the Director of the Center for Assessment, Research, and Development at ACTFL. Dr. Malone has nearly three decades of experience in language test development, materials development, delivery of professional development and teacher training through both online and face-to-face methods, data collection and survey research, and program evaluation.

Anne Donovan

Anne Donovan
Senior Consultant, AELRC

Anne has worked with the AELRC since its inception in 2014, and with the Language Resource Centers since 2008. An alumna of the Georgetown Department of Linguistics, her work at CAL and the AELRC has primarily focused on language assessment, less commonly taught languages, study abroad, and professional development for language teachers.

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Dr. Camelot Marshall
Associate Director, AELRC

Principle Assessment Manager, ACTFL

Dr. Yi Laura Tan

Post-Doctoral Fellow AELRC

Georgetown University Department of Linguistics

Student Researchers

Elli Ahn

Student Associate

Quaylin Dang

Student Associate

Quinlan Dulaney

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Amber Hall

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Camryn Hayes

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Grace Isaac

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Shannon Victoria King

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Yunjung Yunie Ku

Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Ke Lin

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Conor McKeon

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Spanish

Caitlyn Pineault

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Roxane Robin

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Malik Stevenson

Doctoral Student, Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics

Ian Timoteo Franza

Student Associate

Tianyi Ye

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Founding Advisory Board, 2014-2018

Dr. Lance Askildson

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chaminade University

Dr. Gregory Fulkerson

Director, Language Acquisition Workshop

Dr. Kimi Kondo-Brown

Associate Dean, University of Hawai’i at Manoa College of Arts, Languages & Letters
Professor, Japanese, Department of East Asian Languages and Literature

Dr. Judith Liskin-Gasparro

Associate Professor Emerita, University of Iowa Department of Spanish and Portuguese