Completed Projects

Short-cut estimates of foreign language proficiency for research purposes

Investigator: John M. Norris

The project culminated in publication of a book on C-test development for eight different foreign languages in US university settings, stemming from research conducted through the AELRC. The chapters each describe in detail the development process – including text identification, selection, deletion strategies, piloting with L1 native speakers and college-level foreign language learners, and data analysis – tailored to each language. The languages included are Arabic, Bangla, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

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Student learning outcomes assessment in community/junior college language education: Trends in capacity and use

Investigators: John McE. Davis, Young A Son

The purpose of the project was to learn more about the patterns of program assessment/evaluation activity and levels of support in US community college foreign language programs. Data was collected via a national questionnaire in order to better understand how program assessment can be a useful activity that impacts teaching and learning in productive ways. Results were disseminated at conferences of relevant educators such as CUALHE and ACTFL.

Review of evaluation and assessment in heritage language learning

Investigators: Young A Son, Amy Kim

The purpose of this project was to offer a general overview of studies that focus on both research and examples of practice focused on implementing assessment and evaluation of heritage language learners and heritage language education programs. It also intended to highlight issues persistent in the heritage language learning literature.

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Evaluation planning and capacity building in self-access language learning labs/centers

Investigators: John McE. Davis, Todd McKay
The project sought to understand and develop approaches to evaluation capacity building, logic model development, and situational analysis for college language laboratory/self-access centers. A key purpose of the study was to identify best educational practices for university and college language labs.