“Program evaluation is the systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and results of programs to make judgments about the program, improve or further develop program effectiveness, inform decisions about future programming, and/or increase understanding.”

Patton, 2008, p. 39
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The links below provide information on the practical aspects of planning and conducting evaluation in language programs, as well as a comprehensive bibliography of language program evaluation research literature.

Evaluation How-To Overview

Start here to learn about the basics of evaluation and how you can implement it.

Evaluation Methods and Tools

Discover various ways to collect information for evaluation.

Evaluation Bibliography (2015)

Take a look at our annotated guide to studies on evaluation and SLO assessment in language education.

Heritage Language Assessment & Evaluation Bibliography

Read our annotated overview of different issues related to HL assessment and program evaluation.

K-12 Language Program Evaluation Research Brief

Read a concise, accessible introduction about the evaluation of K-12 language programs and what you should know about it.

Language Self-Study Evaluation Guide (Coming 2021)

Learning a language independently? AELRC will soon offer resources to evaluate your progress.