The AELRC is a collaboration of Georgetown University and the Center for Applied Linguistics.



Dr. Margaret E. Malone
Director (2016- )
Georgetown University

Margaret E. Malone (Ph.D., Georgetown University) is Director of the AELRC and Teaching Professor at Georgetown. She is also Director of the Center for Assessment, Research and Development at ACTFL. She has more than two decades of experience in language test development and teacher training through both online and face-to-face methods, data collection and survey research, and program evaluation. Her current research focuses on language assessment literacy, oral proficiency assessment and the relative difficulty of learning different languages.


founding Directors

Dr. John Norris
Educational Testing Service
Founding Director, Georgetown University (2012-2015)

John Norris was the founding Principal Investigator and Director of the AELRC at its inception in 2014. He is now a Principal Research Scientist at the Educational Testing Service. His primary research interests include educational uses of language assessment, program evaluation, task-based language teaching, and research synthesis.



Dr. John McE. Davis
Founding Co-Director, Georgetown University (2013-2016)

Evaluation Specialist
Yorktown Systems Group, Contractor, 
Foreign Service Institute, U.S. Department of State

John McE. Davis was one of the founding members of the AELRC at its inception in 2014. During that time he was Visiting Assistant Professor in the Georgetown University Linguistics Department.
After leaving Georgetown University, Dr. Davis continues to consult and conduct research in the areas of educational accountability, assessment, measurement, and program evaluation in higher education.



Josephine Onah
Coordinator, AELRC

Josephine joined the AELRC in 2016 as the coordinator. She obtained her undergraduate degree from George Mason University in French and Interdisciplinary Studies. Before joining the AELRC, Josephine lived in Sweden, Togo, Philippines, Nigeria and Washington ,D.C. In her free time, Josephine is an avid runner having completed half marathons.

Anne Donovan
Assistant Director, Center for Applied Linguistics

Anne has worked with the AELRC since its inception in 2014, and with the Language
Resource Centers since 2008. An alumna of the Georgetown Department of Linguistics,
her work at CAL and the AELRC has primarily focused on language assessment, less
commonly taught languages, study abroad, and professional development
for language teachers.

John Chi
Research Assistant, Center for Applied Linguistics

John has worked with the AELRC since 2015 and is currently a research assistant at CAL.
He works primarily with assessment and program evaluations for world languages. He is an alumnus of Georgetown University, and his personal research interests focus on heritage language acquisition and education.



Student Researchers

Amy Kim
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University
Past Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics




Todd McKay
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University




Yiran Xu
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University




Mina Niu
Research Affiliate, Georgetown University,
Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics



Drew Wildes
Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics




Ryan Blair
Research Affiliate, Georgetown University



past staff

Randi Dermo
Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics




Bart Deygers
University of Leuven, Belgium
Visiting Researcher, Georgetown University



Dr. Anastasia Drackert
Ruhr University Bochum
Past Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University



Dr. Shoko Sasayama
University of Tokyo
Past Graduate Student Researcher, Georgetown University




Young A Son
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University
Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics




Francesca Venezia
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Georgetown University





Tyler True
Program Manager, Georgetown University (2015-2016)
Research Affiliate, Center for Applied Linguistics (2014)




Dr. Lance Askildson
Executive Director, Divison of Global Affairs
Professor of English Language & Linguistics
Kennesaw State University



Dr. Gregory Fulkerson
Director, Language Acquisition Workgroup
Delaware Department of Education



Dr. Kimi Kondo-Brown
Associate Dean, College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature
Professor of Japanese Language & Linguistics
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa



Dr. Judith Liskin-Gasparro
Associate Professor Emerita
University of Iowa











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