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Foreign Language Assessment Directory

The FLAD is a free, searchable database with information on more than 200 assessments in over 90 languages other than English. This directory contains information about assessments currently used in elementary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary school programs around the United States.

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Understanding Assessment: A Guide for Foreign Language Educators

This is a free online tutorial on language testing for foreign language educators. It introduces key concepts in language testing to help with the selection of tests and the appropriate and efficient use of test results. It also serves as a companion tutorial to FLAD.

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Arabic Oral Proficiency: A Guide for Students

This is a useful resource for learners of Arabic to help them better understand and improve their Arabic oral proficiency. The guide provides information about (1) why to self-assess, (2) what oral proficiency is, (3) how long it takes to become proficient, (4) how a learner can assess their own oral proficiency, and (5) how to improve oral proficiency.

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Assessment for Language Instructors: The Basics

Through the AELRC, CAL offers a free online training course that teaches world language instructors about the fundamentals of assessment. The asynchronous course provides world language instructors with an understanding of the fundamentals of assessment by presenting specific examples of how each applies to real classroom assessment situations. The course lasts five weeks and includes five units that require two hours each. Units focus on: (1) an introduction to assessment, (2) validity, (3) reliability, (4) practicality, and (5) impact.